Vulcan at the Circus: the 1200A Extractor

Vulcan had introduced its extractor line in the late 1920’s, after several design iterations.  They had proven successful; for example, they were used in the construction of the original Tennessee Valley Authority systems of locks and dams.  But, as is often the case with pile driving equipment, what contractors wanted could be summed up in one word: bigger.

In the extractor field, they got what they asked for: in 1954 Vulcan introduced the 1200A extractor, the largest in the and larger than any of the MKT “E” type extractors, their main competitor.  To debut the line Vulcan did something completely different with its literature: it used a circus theme to emphasize its large size.  You can see this below.

This may look silly today, but these days when we emphasize size, it’s completely different…when Vulcan came “down to earth” around the time it moved to Chattanooga, they put out this sheet, which shows all of the sizes and their specifications.


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