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Welcome to vulcanhammer.info! Thanks for visiting today. The site is about Vulcan Iron Works Inc., its history and the pile driving equipment it manufactured. My great-great-grandfather founded Vulcan in 1852. Vulcan was a foundry for most of the nineteenth century, then in 1887 it produced the first #1 hammer. Pile driving equipment became its exclusive product by World War II. In the 1960’s our equipment was taken offshore for oil platform installation; this proved the greatest venture Vulcan undertook.

The company remained almost entirely in my family’s hands until 1996, when it was acquired by a partially owned subsidiary of the Cari Capital Company in 1996. The air/steam product line was in turn acquired by Vulcan Foundation Equipment in 2001, and they produced it until 2007. The following year the Vulcan product line was acquired by Pile Hammer Equipment.

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A company with nearly a century and a half of history needs a big site.  We’ve broken it down into several sections, and you can click on the subject to find out more:

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Vulcan hammers are a durable product; some have been in service for more than a century. There is a wealth of information on this site about the various products that Vulcan manufactured and marketed in its 144 year history. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here–and that includes information on parts and service–click here to contact us online, or call me at (423) 488-8590.

Don Warrington

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“With your knowledge of pile driving, I suspect that you could supervise a professor.” Dr. Michael W. O’Neill, Late Cullen Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Houston, letter to Don C. Warrington, 23 November 1994.

Don Warrington has had a long career in the foundation construction industry.

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