Guide to Pile Driving Equipment

Need that missing manual for your Vulcan hammer? Want to learn more about pile driving and driven piles? The Guide to Pile Driving Equipment–now in two volumes–is the indispensable reference for both of these subjects and more. Practical, comprehensive and easy to follow, the Guides are what you need to help keep your Vulcan hammer running, or just to learn more about the oldest and best form of deep foundations and their installation.

The Original
Now in its Second Edition

Driven piles are the oldest known form of deep foundations, and remain the most reliable today. Vulcan Iron Works produced reliable, rugged pile hammers, some of which remain in service after a century in the field. Now the hammers and the piles are put together in a complete (and for the Second Edition revised and updated) reference that discusses all of the various types of pile driving equipment, including air/steam, diesel, hydraulic, vibratory and others. Extensive material on accessories and leaders is also included. A description of the drivability analysis process has a worked example to make the concepts more easily understood. In addition to this, extensive resources from the Vulcan and Raymond library are included, including the following:

  • User’s Guide to Safe Operation;
  • An expanded Data Manual;
  • Sections from the Raymond Superintendent’s Handbook; and
  • Field service manuals for Vulcan onshore and offshore air/steam hammers, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers and the DGH series hammers. (Vibratory hammer manual is updated in this edition!)

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Volume II

In the tradition of the original, successful Guide to Pile Driving Equipment, this volume contains more information on pile driving and driven piles in general and Vulcan pile hammers in particular. Included is:

  1. An overview of pile driving and driven piles;
  2. Bulletin 165, Field Service Manual, Vulcan Offshore Hammers;
  3. Bulletin 168G, Field Service Manual for Vulcan Onshore Air/Steam Hammers;
  4. Bulletin 171A, Field Service Manual, Vulcan Pile Extractors; and
  5. Vulcan Offshore Specification Sheets.

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