Using a Vulcan #2 for Residential Piling

Most residences do not require pile foundations, but some do, generally because of the combination of the size of the house and the geotechincal stratigraphy (read soft.) In Vulcan's history this is generally associated with the New Orleans area, but recently a Vulcan #2 was used to drive residential piling in Connecticut. The whole post … Continue reading Using a Vulcan #2 for Residential Piling

“Much Favorable Comment” for the Vulcan Extractor

An ad in Engineering News-Record, 8 October 1931, for the Vulcan Pile Extractor.  It was used to extract arch web Lackawanna sheeting by the P.J. Kennedy & Co. of Holyoke, MA.  Vulcan touted the advantages of a "single purpose machine" (as opposed to MKT's multipurpose hammer/extractors.  MKT must have gotten the message, they developed the … Continue reading “Much Favorable Comment” for the Vulcan Extractor

When the Vulcan #2 Beat the MKT 9B2

Above is a job comparison from 1926, put together by the firm Proctor and Cleghorn of Santa Rosa, CA, showing the Vulcan #2--to say nothing of the #1 also--significantly outperforming the MKT 9B2 (which they superseded with the 9B3) driving concrete piles.  Vulcan obtained this data from Harron, Rickard & McCone, Vulcan's dealer in California. … Continue reading When the Vulcan #2 Beat the MKT 9B2

How Vulcan Extractors Work

Vulcan was generally not hesitant to include information on the cycle workings of its air/steam hammers, but for some reason never included similar information on its extractors.  Above is a diagram from 1940 which shows how this is done. Basically we start with the view on the left.  Air or steam is admitted through inlet … Continue reading How Vulcan Extractors Work

Vulcan Hammers: Specifications and Information

One thing Vulcan representatives got ask frequently for was a "spec sheet" for a particular hammer.  This is an online answer to that question.  Our pages include specifications, general arrangements of the hammers, photos and usually some history behind the hammer model.  We trust that this will be helpful to you in servicing your existing … Continue reading Vulcan Hammers: Specifications and Information

Vulcan’s Blow Count Specifications

The durability and longevity of Vulcan pile hammer is something that is seldom replicated in just about any other manufactured product.  Since pile driving is self-destructive on the equipment, this is a remarkable achievement, but it should be tempered by the fact that it's possible to render a Vulcan hammer inoperable by the way it's … Continue reading Vulcan’s Blow Count Specifications

Driving Piles with Stub Leaders and a Template

The best known setup for pile driving equipment is a crane and a set of full-length (of the pile and hammer) leaders, attached to the crane in a variety of ways.  But another alternative is to use a "stub" leader, i.e., one that is very short, and a template to align, position and guide the … Continue reading Driving Piles with Stub Leaders and a Template

Vulcan’s Most Famous Sheet Piling/Extractor Photo

The photo above, dating from 1949, shows a worker tightening the bolts on the connecting links of a Vulcan extractor to the top of a prepared sheet piling in preparation to impact the sheeting upwards and take it out.  This photo was used for many years in Vulcan literature, including Vulcan Bulletin 71B.  (Note: don't … Continue reading Vulcan’s Most Famous Sheet Piling/Extractor Photo

Vulcan #1 Hammer in Ohio

Below are three photos taken of a Vulcan #1 hammer in Mentor, Ohio.  It's in fixed leaders with a moonbeam-style spotter.  The hammer was made in Chicago, which means that it's probably older than sixty years.  Thanks to Ken Foster for sharing these great photos.

Vulcan at the Circus: the 1200A Extractor

Vulcan had introduced its extractor line in the late 1920's, after several design iterations.  They had proven successful; for example, they were used in the construction of the original Tennessee Valley Authority systems of locks and dams.  But, as is often the case with pile driving equipment, what contractors wanted could be summed up in … Continue reading Vulcan at the Circus: the 1200A Extractor