Those Pesky Kilogram-Force Units

Generally speaking, engineers educated in the U.S. must be educated in two units: the U.S. system (the Brits abandoned the Imperial system long ago) and the S.I. system, commonly called the "metric system." I say commonly because they're not really the same; countries that have been using the system the French came up with it … Continue reading Those Pesky Kilogram-Force Units

Raymond 60X Hammer

Raymond Concrete Pile Company (later Raymond International) was in its day the greatest pile driving organisation in the world. It either developed or perfected many of the techniques which are standard for designing and installing driven piles today. The most significant of these was the wave equation, the brainchild of Raymond's chief mechanical engineer, E.A.L. … Continue reading Raymond 60X Hammer

The Final Flight of an Influential Airline — Transportation History

December 4, 1991 On the same day that Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) officially came to an end and halted its longtime operations, that airline’s final flight took place. Captain Mark Pyle piloted the airplane Clipper Goodwill, a Pan Am Boeing 727-221ADV, for Flight 436 between the cities of Bridgetown, Barbados, and Miami, Florida. […]The … Continue reading The Final Flight of an Influential Airline — Transportation History

Sixty Years of Vulcan in Chattanooga

In the midst of all that's going on these days, one anniversary (for this site at least) doesn't need to pass unmentioned: this month sixty years ago, Vulcan moved its operation from Chicago to Chattanooga, after 108 years in the "Windy City." Everything around the operation went according to plan, from the plant construction to … Continue reading Sixty Years of Vulcan in Chattanooga

Colonnades Beach Hotel

One of the pleasures of having an office in West Palm Beach was the ability to take in the pleasures of a resort area like South Florida. One of those more pleasurable places was the Colonnades Beach Hotel on Singer Island; the photo above of the entrance dates from October 1966. I'm not sure how … Continue reading Colonnades Beach Hotel

China’s Historic Houston Consulate Gets the Boot, Goes Up in Flames

In the midst of the souring relationship between the two countries: Beijing vowed to retaliate after it said that the United States ordered its Houston consulate to be closed within 72 hours, calling it an “outrageous and unjustified move,” marking a serious escalation in the quickly deteriorating relationship between the U.S. and China... The announcement … Continue reading China’s Historic Houston Consulate Gets the Boot, Goes Up in Flames

Chabahar: a Vulcan “Almost” Becomes a Point of Contention with the Suez Canal

The Iranians want to bypass the Suez Canal using their port at Chabahar: The Iranian Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organization announced July 5 that trade connections to Mumbai, Hamburg and St. Petersburg will be made through Astrakhan (in Russia), Anzali and Chabahar (in Iran) and Nhava Sheva (in India) instead of the Suez Canal. This raises questions … Continue reading Chabahar: a Vulcan “Almost” Becomes a Point of Contention with the Suez Canal

A Nice Summary of the History of the Telex

One of the more popular pieces on this site is A Few Words About the Telex, which documents Vulcan's history with this interesting piece of technology.  Below is a video which also summarises that history: I'd like to add a few notes: First, from the 1930's to the 1950's Vulcan advertised its cable address … Continue reading A Nice Summary of the History of the Telex

Those Aspirational Small Businesses

Above is something you don't see much of any more: a hand-drawn artist's conception of a building that has yet to be built.  In this case it's Vulcan's last all-new building: the Special Products Division at 2625 Electronics Way, West Palm Beach, FL, which was completed and opened in 1967.  Afterwards some things changed along … Continue reading Those Aspirational Small Businesses

Liberty, Prosperity and Life

Although Vulcan would experience more than forty more years of life after it was over, Vulcan's Centennial Celebration in 1952 was both a milestone and a high point in its history.  The "capstone" of the ceremonies was the keynote speech by Vulcan's President, Chester H. "Chet" Warrington, my grandfather.  He put a wrap on the … Continue reading Liberty, Prosperity and Life