1893: A Newly Built Railroad Bridge in Missouri Passes a Crucial Test — Transportation History

December 27, 1893 A pivotal test ride took place for a newly completed truss railroad bridge in eastern-central Missouri. This four-span truss bridge, crossing the Missouri River at Bellefontaine Bluffs and serving as a link between Charles County and St. Louis County in the Show-Me State, had been built for the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy […]

 1893: A Newly Built Railroad Bridge in Missouri Passes a Crucial Test — Transportation History

In the years leading up to the turn of the Twentieth Century, Vulcan was involved in bridges not only with the pile driving equipment but also with the mechanisms for those whose bridges either articulated (bascule,) lifted or swung. Although this wasn’t the case for this bridge, Vulcan produced a swing engine (with boiler) for a bridge built by the same railroad at Quincy, IL. You can see some of the drawings for that mechanism at our page Vulcan and Bridges.


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