Moscow : A Short Guide – Chernov — Mir Books

In this post, we will see the book Moscow : A Short Guide by Vladimir Chernov. About the book  To the reader This guide is a short account of Moscow and its principal points of interest for the foreign tourist who is visiting the city for the first time and has a limited time at […]

Moscow : A Short Guide – Chernov — Mir Books

Vulcan personnel made their first visit to the USSR in 1988, and returned in years following. Moscow was the focus of much of this activity, including such adventures as the Visit to Zagorsk and Who’s this idiot? That’s me!. The Metro diagram at the front was part of Vulcan’s visit to Bryansk, as discussed in Half a Million Roubles. Is it Enough? It was also the location of Vulcan’s technology acquisitions such as the Russian Diesel Hammers at Vulcan: Series I and II, Sea Water Pile Hammer, New Method and Device for Breaking and Removal of Protruding Pile Parts and of course Russian Impact-Vibration Pile Driving Equipment.

The guide shown here was made in 1979, in preparation for the ill-fated 1980 Olympics, but much of its information was good in the later years when Vulcan’s personnel came to town.


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