Alemite and Vulcan Try to Get People to Lubricate Their Equipment

The Alemite ad above illustrates the importance of proper lubrication. Vulcan used and specified Alemite grease fittings in products such as the Hydra-Nut and others to help their customers do lubrication and other important maintenance items on their Vulcan equipment.

The “outside” of the Hydra-Nut (U.S. Patent 3,938,427.) Introduced in the 1970’s to directly replace the cable nuts (as shown above,) the Hydra-Nut simplified the process of tensioning the cables. The grease fittings on the Hydra-Nut were generally Alemite grease fittings, in this case the button type.

In the literature for Vulcan’s Sight Feed Line Oilers, they went so far as to invoke the following:

A canny Scotsman once said, “Oil is cheaper than spare parts.” The truth of this statement is undeniable. In air and steam driven tools, the principal problem is to get the proper kind and right amount of lubrication to the tool on a reliable basis.

Vulcan’s Sight Feed Line Oilers

You can look at Vulcan’s lubrication recommendations here. As far as using a cat in the advertisement, Vulcan’s owning family always associated cats with the family pet Buff, and as you can see using him in an advertisement could be…well, problematic.

My thanks to Undine, my long-time Twitter follower, for bringing this to my attention.


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