Vulcan Offshore Tip #17: Product Bulletin

Annually we publish a listing of all products currently in production. Listed above are all units in current production accompanied by current model and specification numbers. Note: This system was devised in order to bring some order to the designation of Vulcan hammers. It was effectively dropped in the late 1970's.


Vulcan Offshore Tip #16: Serial Numbers

It is frequently desirable to ascertain the age of equipment for appraisal, evaluation and a variety of other reasons. As is customary in most construction equipment, we show below the year of manufacture and the serial number range for that particular year. As we approach one hundred years of serial numbers, we will on a … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #16: Serial Numbers

Vulcan Offshore Tips #15: Piston and Rod Installation

When installing a Piston and Rod in certain Vulcan Offshore Pile Hammers, it is necessary to take certain precautions to assure that all parts are properly assembled one with another and that subsequent to assembly proper working clearances exist. This particular instruction sheet refers to the installation on the following sizes of Hammer: 010 - … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tips #15: Piston and Rod Installation

Vulcan Offshore Tip #14: Bushing Replacement

The use of bronze bushings in Vulcan products is limited to head sheaves and steam chest heads. From time to time it is necessary to replace these bushing. All of these bushings are press fitted. Sometimes the parts into which these bushings are pressed are oversize in bore for a variety of reasons. When this … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #14: Bushing Replacement

Vulcan Offshore Tips #13: Trouble Shooting

A. Hammer Runs Too Slow: Possible Causes: Steam Or air pressure too low. Steam supply line too long or not proper size. Steam supply line restricted in some manner. Lack of lubrication. Worn or broken piston rings or scored cylinder wall. Check this by allowing enough steam to enter the cylinder to hold the ram … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tips #13: Trouble Shooting

Vulcan Offshore Tip #12: Stud Installation

When you replace and install new studs In your Vulcan equipment, there are certain precautions to be observed. Prior to inserting studs, coat the threads with Loctite #271 to assure that studs will remain tight. Tap End Studs and Vulcan Hammers When most designers consider the use of threaded fasteners, they turn to nuts and … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #12: Stud Installation

Vulcan Offshore Tip #11: Assembly Procedures

In all Vulcan equipment mechanically bolted connections are kept to the minimum to avoid unnecessary maintenance. Where they are used... Cylinder Heads...Steam Chest Heads... Pipe Flanges...Stuffing Boxes... proper assembly and re-assembly practices should be followed. When assembling hammer components.. it is essential that all nuts be installed on their respective studs using Torque Wrench equipment … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #11: Assembly Procedures

Vulcan Offshore Tip #10: Outboard Bracket Shims

On all Vulcan and Super Vulcan Offshore Pile Hammers, and all Vulcan Hammers equipped for Vari-Cycle, there is an extension of the Open Steam Chest Head (see illustration) called the "Outboard Bracket." This serves not only as a guard to protect the Slide Bar from damage and cables, but It also serves as an outboard … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #10: Outboard Bracket Shims

Vulcan Offshore Tip #9: Compressed Air Velocity Fuse

In the new Department of Labor Safety Regulations for Construction, it states in the Federal Register, Volume 36, Number 75, that "all hoses exceeding 1/2 inch inside diameter shall have a safety device at the source of supply or branch line to reduce pressure in case of hose failure." The "Velocity Fuses" shown above now … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #9: Compressed Air Velocity Fuse

Vulcan Offshore Tip #8: Vari-Cycle Hammers

Vulcan Vari-Cycle (Stroke Control) is available for all Vulcan Single Acting Hammers having a cylinder which has as an integrally cast pad part thereof the necessary mounting pads for installation of the Vari-Cycle equipment. Shown in the table below are the first Serial Number and date of those hammers (by size) having Vari-Cycle factory installed … Continue reading Vulcan Offshore Tip #8: Vari-Cycle Hammers