Vulcan Offshore Tip #10: Outboard Bracket Shims

On all Vulcan and Super Vulcan Offshore Pile Hammers, and all Vulcan Hammers equipped for Vari-Cycle, there is an extension of the Open Steam Chest Head (see illustration) called the “Outboard Bracket.” This serves not only as a guard to protect the Slide Bar from damage and cables, but It also serves as an outboard bearing for the extended end of the Valve Stem.

It is absolutely essential In the final installation that the outboard bearing be right in line with the bore of the Bushing in the Open Steam Chest Head. Due to unavoidable differences in the manufacture of the Cylinder and the Outboard Bracket, a certain amount of Selective Assembly is necessary.

Inasmuch as the foot of the Outboard Bracket is bolted to the Cylinder. it is easy to create misalignment by excessive bolting pressure. It is therefore necessary to shim the foot of the Outboard Bracket to assure alignment of the two Bushings.

The foot of the Outboard Bracket is a “tongue and groove” joint with the Cylinder (see letter A). Shim Stock (see letter B) is required as shown in the illustration. Stamped into the Cylinder Casting on either side of the “tongue and groove” joint are the thickness requirements for the Shim Stock (see letter C). DO NOT DEVIATE FROM SPECIFIED SHIM REQUIREMENTS The following information should be remembered:

  • Outboard Brackets are only included on Offshore Hammers and Onshore hammers equipped with Van-Cycle from Size O8 up.
  • When purchasing a new Cylinder, always include a new Outboard Bracket so that mating fit is assured.
  • When removing Outboard Bracket for maintenance reasons, be sure to keep the Shim Stock for each side intact for reinstallation
  • When ordering a new Outboard Bracket, new Shim Stock will be furnished in adequate quantity for installation.
The Vulcan Vari-Cycle, again for the 020 offshore hammer. This works by shifting the movable trip (the trip with the arc slot) between two different cut-off wedges, which in turn varies the stroke. Variable stroke is essential for concrete piles to control tensile stresses. For offshore hammers, it is not so critical, which led to the use of “manual” overrides such as the traverse trip. This also shows the outboard bearing bracket, which is necessary for virtually any trip shifting device.

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