Vulcan Offshore Tip #14: Bushing Replacement

The use of bronze bushings in Vulcan products is limited to head sheaves and steam chest heads. From time to time it is necessary to replace these bushing. All of these bushings are press fitted. Sometimes the parts into which these bushings are pressed are oversize in bore for a variety of reasons. When this occurs. the factory supplied bushing will not fit tightly. Rather than make a special bushing, there is a simple method of adjusting the fit of the bushings for press fitting.

Step I — Place bushing on an arbor and put in engine lathe. Using fine diamond-point knurling rolls, double knurl the outer surface of the bushing. Be sure to use a good quality cutting oil during the knurling operation. After knurling, degrease the bushing prior to proceeding with the next step.
Step 2 — Make sure that the hole into which the bushing is to be inserted is clean, dry and free of burrs. The outside of the bushing should look like the illustration. Using no lubricant press the bushing into the piecepart.

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