Strength of Materials – Belyaev — Mir Books

In this post, we will see the book Strength of Materials by N. M. Belyaev. About the book: The new edition of Strength of Materials by N. M. Belyaev has been published after 11 years. In 33 years that lapsed between the publication by N. M. Belyaev of the first edition in 1932 and the last fourteenth […]

Strength of Materials – Belyaev — Mir Books

Mechanics of materials was an important topic in the design and use of Vulcan products. He deals with many of the topics that are featured in the works of his teacher, the Ukrainian Stepan Prokofyevich Timoshenko, whose own works revolutionised the teaching and practice of this topic in the U.S. and elsewhere. Timoshenko occasionally cites Belyaev as a source.


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