Vulcan 65C and 65CA Hammers: Specifications and Information

The 65C is the counterpart to the Warrington-Vulcan 06 hammer.  Upsizing single-acting hammers is a fairly straightforward process as long as the frame is capable of withstanding the load.  Doing the same thing with differential-acting hammers such as the 50C is an entirely different matter, as the 65C shows.

Specifications are on the general arrangement above and are also shown below.

Bulletin 70J Specifications

65c general arrangement
An early concept of the 65C hammer. The idea here is that the large bore is increased in size, which would have kept the pressure at 120 psig. Vulcan opted to keep the cylinder the same as the 50C, which forced the operating pressure upwards to 150 psig. That in turn required adding a false head to compensate for the additional upward force on the frame. The false head made the 65C expensive to produce, and the high pressure put it out of reach for many air compressors.

Vulcan eventually addressed these issues with the 65CA; the ad for it from Onshore Tip 61 is shown below.

The ad for the Vulcan 65CA, on the back of Vulcan Tip 61, 1 November 1981. This hammer was an 80C with a light ram. The operating pressure was now at 95 psig, well within the reach of available air compressors. The main disadvantage of this is that it requires 26″ jaws; how much of a disadvantage that is depends upon the contractor.



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