Vulcan 85C and 100C Hammers: Specifications and Information

Vulcan’s success with the 80C lead its customers to ask the same question they asked about the 08: could a larger hammer be fit in the frame.  In the case of the 08, there was already the 0R and 010, and the 012, 508, 510 and 512 were to come.  As was the case with the 65C, Vulcan simply put a false head on the top to increase the weight needed to keep the hammer in place due to the increased pressure.  The result was the 85C and the 100C.  General arrangements are below.

Specifications are below.

Bulletin 70J Specifications

The one and only extant photo in Vulcan’s file of the 100C, in the Chattanooga facility. Note the elongated ram, which put the design ahead of the 010, which until the late 1970’s sported a short, steel ram. The 030 had already opted for this change and it would find its way to hammers such as the 306, 510, 512 and 5110.



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