Vulcan 06 Hammer: Specifications and Information

The 06 hammer is basically a #1 hammer with a 6,500 lb. ram.  It uses the same leaders and driving accessories.  A general arrangement of a “standard” 06 is shown above; others are below.

Specifications for the Vulcan 06 are below.

In the late 1970’s Vulcan made an important change to the 06.  The original 06 used a steel ram which was deeper (fore and aft) than the #1’s cast-iron ram.  The revised 06 used a taller, cast iron ram with the same depth as the #1.  This is important when ordering parts.  The taller configuration was carried over to the 5′ stroke Vulcan 506.

Below: Vulcan 06 (with the long ram) driving piles from Vulcan Foundation Equipment’s excavator mast.

Other information:


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