Vulcan 06 Hammer: Specifications and Information

The 06 hammer is basically a #1 hammer with a 6,500 lb. ram.  It uses the same leaders and driving accessories.  An 06 at the Chattanooga facility is above, general arrangements of the hammer are below.



Specifications for the Vulcan 06 are below.



Vulcan 06 hammer in fixed leaders driving pipe pile in Tampa, FL. The contractor is Gulf Foundation. This photo appeared for many years on the cover of Vulcan’s onshore hammer literature. This is a cable hammer cabled in the usual way for Vulcan hammers, i.e., from just above the steam chest. The hammer is also riding in a sled or extension; this enables the contractor to maintain one size of leaders (in this case 26″) and use hammers configured for smaller leaders (for the 06 20″) in the same rig.

In the late 1970’s Vulcan made an important change to the 06.  The original 06 used a steel ram which was deeper (fore and aft) than the #1’s cast-iron ram.  The revised 06 used a taller, cast iron ram with the same depth as the #1.  This is important when ordering parts.  The taller configuration was carried over to the 5′ stroke Vulcan 506.

Below: Vulcan 06 (with the long ram) driving piles from Vulcan Foundation Equipment’s excavator mast.


Another video of the 06 on an excavator mast:

Other information:


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