Vulcan 305 and 306 Hammers: Specifications and Information

No history of the Warrington-Vulcan hammers would be complete without mentioning the 305 and 306 hammers.  The primary purposes of these designations was to harmonise them with the way Vulcan had numbered its larger hammers for many years, although these hammers incorporated changes such as cables and the possibility of Vari-Cycle II.

The first 306 was built in 1984 but was soon eclipsed by the 506.  However, probably the most interesting example of these hammers was the 306 built by the new Vulcan Foundation Equipment (which was owned by the Dutch company IHC) in the early 2000’s, shown below.  The 306 incorporated the long ram which was used by the later 06 hammers and the 506.

vulcan 306 7
The Vulcan 306 ready for shipment in Vulcan Foundation Equipment’s Chattanooga facility (which was down the street from the old Vulcan Iron Works’ plant.) From left to right, Doug Scaggs, Ernie Artrip and Linda Grant.
The hand-drawn general arrangement for the Vulcan 306 hammer.
The CAD version of the Vulcan 506 general arrangement. It was, in part, rasterised from the hand drawn version. Vulcan’s rasterisation capabilities were not that good and few drawings were done in this way.

The 305 was supposed to supersede the #1, but in reality it was never built.  Nothing can supersede the #1.  The general arrangement for that hammer is below.  Specifications for both of these hammers are on the general arrangements.

General Arrangement for the Vulcan 305 hammer.



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