Vulcan 012 Hammer: Specifications and Information

012The 012 was the largest Warrington-Vulcan hammer with a 3′ (actually, 3.25′ for the #0 series) hammers.  It used a long ram, the same length as the later 010 hammers.  It is a very useful hammer with its relatively large ram weight, although in practical terms it was soon overshadowed by the 5′ stroke 512.

At the right is an 012 in the maroon colour Vulcan used in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  You can also see the safety warning plates Vulcan affixed to all its hammers from the late 1970’s onward.  These are useful reminders of safe operation of Vulcan hammers.

Specifications are shown below.

Specifications, Vulcan Bulletin 68T, 1991

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