Vulcan Onshore Tip #61: Stub Channel Modification

Many of our customers, as a result of the stub channel design on new cable type hammers, have found the stub channels to be much more maintenance free.

This modification can be made to older Vulcan hammers which were originally equipped with full length channels.

Should you desire to make this modification to you Vulcan hammer, contact the authorized representative serving your area or our factory for full details.

Note: as the tip implies, all Vulcan onshore hammers from the late 1970’s onward had stub channels. Stub channels have two disadvantages:

  1. It is more difficult to drive piling past the bottom of the leaders using them, and that problem is best addressed by the use of an extension. Extensions are described in the Guide to Pile Driving Equipment.
  2. The shorter channels can be harder on the leaders, as they put more pressure on the leader rails.  This too can be addressed with an extension.

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