A Short Handbook of Heat Treatment – Kamenichny — Mir Books

In this post, we will see A Short Handbook Of Heat Treatment by I. Kamenichny . About the book The present hand book aims at giving the operating personnel of heat-treatment shops a reference book which would serve to overcome difficulties arising in everyday practice. The handbook describes heat-treatment charts, heat-treatment procedures for tools, parts […]

A Short Handbook of Heat Treatment – Kamenichny — Mir Books
Ram point installation by cooling the point. Breakage of ram points is a major repair job in a Vulcan hammer (caused, in some cases, by use of wire rope biscuit as you see above.) Getting the “stump” of the point out was half the battle; click here for Vulcan’s recommendations. Putting one in was the other (also important for new rams and points.) For the smaller hammers, a press would do, but for hammers such as the Vulcan 5110, the best way was to shrink the point through freezing the small end (the “stump” when broken,) lifting it up and lowering it into a ram turned upside down. Although Vulcan installed points in new and used rams using this procedure, this is a very delicate procedure, failure of which could result in a cracked ram, point, or having the point hung up in the ram, which ruins both. As they say, “don’t try this at home!”

Proper heat treatment of the mostly ferrous (and the few non-ferrous) materials Vulcan used was critical for their proper performance during operation. This very nice book gives a detailed overview of these processes, albeit with Russian alloy designations. These designations can be easily related to their SAE, AISI or CDA equivalents. These also appeared in the Russian engineering that Vulcan obtained in the 1990’s, such as the diesel hammers and sea water hammers.


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