Foundry Practice Now in Print

Last October we featured the downloadable book Foundry Practice – Titov, Stepanov — Mir Books. Vulcan had a foundry for most of its existence, and relied heavily on sand cast (and other processes) products for its pile driving equipment. Now we offer this in print.

You can order this book by clicking here.

The book provides a great deal of useful information both for the people who are doing the casting and those who are designing it. At one time information on the topic was widespread but this is not the case now.

There is no doubt that, had Vulcan had this kind of information on hand in the years after it closed its own foundry, design and production of the pile drivers and especially those offshore would have been much simpler.

Note: the cover photos were not taken in Russia, but in Ohio. Vulcan used American foundries almost exclusively during its time and this practice has been continued by Vulcan Foundation Equipment.


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