Maintenance Manual for Super-Vulcan Hammers

The Super-Vulcan hammers were a step forward for Vulcan, albeit not as much as Vulcan was hoping for. Nevertheless they were a popular hammer for many years, especially once Vulcan went to the open type construction like the Warrington-Vulcan single-acting hammers.

Here we feature a maintenance manual for these hammers. The manual is undated (an irritating feature of Vulcan literature) but my guess is that it dates from the early 1930’s, when the open type Super-Vulcan hammers were first produced. Although Vulcan changed the name of their manuals to “Field Service Manuals” after World War II, much of the verbiage found in this one could be found in those too.

Download Super-Vulcan Maintenance Manual

The quality isn’t very good (it looks like it was scanned from a photocopy) but there is no original like this in Vulcan’s files.

The exhortation at the top of the page still applies. You can obtain more recent field service manuals for Vulcan equipment in the Guide to Pile Driving Equipment.


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