The Final Flight of an Influential Airline — Transportation History

December 4, 1991 On the same day that Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) officially came to an end and halted its longtime operations, that airline’s final flight took place. Captain Mark Pyle piloted the airplane Clipper Goodwill, a Pan Am Boeing 727-221ADV, for Flight 436 between the cities of Bridgetown, Barbados, and Miami, Florida. […]

The Final Flight of an Influential Airline — Transportation History

PanAm was for many years the “official” airline of Vulcan Iron Works offshore internationally, and especially Jess Perry, its West Palm Beach based field service representative. It was also the airline that was central in the story of Vulcan’s sales to China. Only when Vulcan’s operations shifted more to Chattanooga and PanAm began its final journey was that displaced by Delta, itself a growing force outside the U.S. But by then Vulcan’s best days offshore were in the past.


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