Weight of Vulcan Wood Pile Caps for Wave Equation Analysis

In the late 1980’s Vulcan furnished GRL with extensive information on its hammers, cushion configurations and cap weights for what was then the WEAP86/WEAP87 program. Most of that was carried over into the GRLWEAP program. One item that is not well represented in the database are the weights for the wood caps. From a Vulcan 1970 price list, here are those weights:

Accessory Part Number (Old System)DescriptionApprox. Shipping Weight, lbs.
DHW2K15Driving Head for Wood Piling, Group C660
DHW1K15Driving Head for Wood Piling, Group B780
DHW0K15Driving Head for Wood Piling, Group A1,305
Integral Ring Wood Cap Weights for Vulcan Hammers


  • Group A: 0, 08, 0R, 010, 80C (this also includes the 65CA, 85C, 100C, 012, 508, 510 and 512)
  • Group B: #1, 06, 50C, 65C (also the 305, 306, 505 and 506)
  • Group C: #2 and 30C
  • The weight given is the shipping weight. Generally Vulcan shipped these on pallets, if they used anything at all. Given that the cushion weight is not included in this, the difference between the shipping weight and the weight in service is probably not significant.
  • Vulcan caps were designed to accommodate up to 15″ butt diameter wood piles.
  • These weights assume the use of the integral ring and standard cushion pot. Knockout ring caps are a little lighter. The dimensions of this cushion are the same as those given in the WEAP87/GRLWEAP database.

Another option for Vulcan Group “B” and “C” hammers was the McDermid Base, which drives wood piles directly. Information from this can be found below, taken from Vulcan’s 1920 catalogue, produced in the wake of the Spanish Flu pandemic


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