Vulcan 508, 510 and 512: Specifications and Information

Like the 505 and 506, the Vulcan 512 (and the 508 and 510 that followed) was introduced to meet the demand for hammers which were lighter for the rated striking energy they delivered, and thus compete with the diesel hammers.  Also like the 506, the 512 was first introduced in 1984, with the smaller models following.  Specifications for all three of these hammers are below.

Specifications, Vulcan Bulletin 68T, 1991

General arrangements for these hammers are here.

One of the 512’s earliest successes was its use on the replacement of Lock and Dam 26 near Alton, IL, in 1986.  Here it’s driving piling surrounded by the cofferdam.

Using Raymond technology, Vulcan planned to expand the concept of these, the largest “Warrington-Vulcan” hammers produced, to 515, 517 and 525 sizes, but this was never done.


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