Vulcan 505 and 506: Specifications and Information

The 506 was Vulcan’s answer to contractors who were looking for a lighter air hammer to compete with the diesel hammers.  First introduced in 1984, it fulfilled that purpose, albeit without some changes along the way (heavier duty base and eventually Vari-Cycle II.)  It was successful with both steel and concrete piles, although its higher impact velocity proved more difficult on the hammer than the “heavy weight/low striking velocity” characteristics of the 3′ and 3.25′ stroke hammers.

Specifications are below.

Specifications, Vulcan Bulletin 68T, 1991

Some general arrangements follow.

The 505 was similar in concept to the 506 but used a lighter ram.  Its specifications are with the 506’s above and its general arrangement is below.

Vulcan 505 hammer. Note the “recessed” ram; this is because the 505 retained the long ram of the 306 and 506 but was 1,500 lbs. lighter.

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