Vulcan Patents

Vulcan was an innovator in pile driving equipment for more than a century. This history can be documented in part by the patents that were issued to Vulcan’s people, in addition to those which it acquired externally. We also include patents that were related to Vulcan either because they were issued to a Warrington or they related to a Vulcan product but were never formally assigned to the company.

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Patents Assigned or Licensed to Vulcan Iron Works

Formal Patent Title Application Inventor(s) Patent Number (click on nation for patent office that applies)
Note: if the patent number is hyper linked, the patent is on our site and available
United States Canada United Kingdom France Germany Australia Japan
Steam Pile Driving Hammers Original Vulcan Hammer Patent James N. Warrington 378,745

DSCN0776Vulcan #2 Hammer, S/N 463, with the “New Style Patent” number cited on the cylinder. The number is actually in error; it should read 378,745, which is of course the first patent on the list.

Caps for Piles McDermid Base, for driving wood piles directly Hugh McDermid 613,385
Pile-Drivers Sheeting Base William H. Warrington 777,459
Head-Block Head Block for Leaders H.C. Lindsly S/N 808,665
Caps for Sheet-Piling “Splined” cap for proper alignment of sheet piling cap William H. Warrington 960,746
Pile Hammers California Hammers James N. Warrington 1,019,386
Pile Hammers California Hammers James N. Warrington 1,020,467
Pile Extractors and the Like Vulcan Pile Extractor James N. Warrington 1,736,104
Power Hammer Super Vulcan Differential Acting Hammer Campbell V. Adams 2,000,908
Power Hammer Super Vulcan Differential Acting Hammer Campbell V. Adams 2,004,180
Pile Driving Hammer Internal Combustion Hammer (IC-65) Campbell V. Adams 3,013,541 958,688 1,275,714 1,484,582 422,233
Power Hammer Differential Acting Hammer Campbell V. Adams 3,096,831
Pulling Adapter Clamp for Extractor Campbell V. Adams 3,149,851
Pile Driving Apparatus Servo-pneumatic hook block, sand drain hammers Henry G. Warrington 3,171,552
Mandrel for Driving Pile Shells Expanding Mandrel Henry G. Warrington 3,329,216
Power Hammer Vari-Cycle I Campbell V. Adams and Henry G. Warrington 3,357,315 820,641 1,136,470 1,533,275 1,634,655 639,221
Hydraulic Pile Hammer Hydraulic Hammer Campbell V. Adams S/N 665,525 853,983 1,244,635 1,748,677
Boring Apparatus with Valveless Impactor Rock Drilling Henry G. Warrington and George Manning 3,444,937
Pile Driving Hammer IPH-16 (Internal Pile Hammer) Henry G. Warrington 3,454,112 908,449 1,271,544 2,010,537 1,928,621 444,891
Percussion Hammer Slide Bar Gripper Campbell V. Adams 3,455,208 868,711 1,237,246 1,572,802 1,784,044 439,225 655,568
Piling Extractor Wood Pile Puller Wayne de Witt 3,534,996
Percussion Hammer OPH-80 (Ocean Pile Hammer) Henry G. Warrington 3,547,207 921,715 1,282,615 2,022,755 1,955,300 444,896
Percussion Hammer 106 Hammer George C. Wandell 3,566,977 438,549 882,047
Percussion Hammer DGH Auto-Stop George C. Wandell 3,645,342 937,834 1,342,798 2,095,760 450,595
Free Piston Power Source Linear Vibrator John J. Kupka 3,704,651 952,774 1,362,213 2,117,070 457,844 885,621
Percussion Hammer DGH Auto-Stop George C. Wandell 3,782,483
Cushion Pot with Mechanical and Molded Joint Key Ball Cushion Ring Henry G. Warrington 3,800,888 1,408,317 900,238
Pile Driving Hammer Vulcan 3150 and 4150 Offshore Hammers Henry G. Warrington 3,815,474
Percussion Hammer Hydra-Nut Henry G. Warrington 3,938,427
Cable Tensioning Assembly Hy-Ten Cable Tensioner Henry G. Warrington 4,015,821
Retaining Assembly Ram Key Retainer John A. Lerch 4,295,752
Vibratory Hammer/Extractor Vulcan 400 and 1400 Vibratory Hammers Don C. Warrington 4,819,740 1,299,366
Method and Apparatus for Breaking Reinforced Concrete Piles and for Exposing Reinforcing Bars Concrete Pile Cutter Pulat A. Abbasov, Valentin E. Abramov, Dmitri A. Trifonov-Yakovlev, Lev V. Erofeev, Gennady S. Kuritsyn, Alexandr P. Borodachev, Victor V. Matvienko, Yuri V. Dmitrevich, Ludmila P. Lukash, Alexandr S. Petrashen, and Valery B. Petrov 4,979,489 Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT/SU/88/00114
Sea Water Pile Hammer Sea Water Hammer Don C. Warrington, Vladimir A. Nifontov, Lev V. Erofeev and Dmitri A. Trifonov-Yakovlev 5,662,175 Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT/US/96/12831

Other Patents of Interest

Formal Patent Title Application Inventor(s) United States Patent Number
Steam Pile-Drivers First pile hammer manufactured by Vulcan Thomas T. Loomis 160,781
Caldwell Cyclone Snow Plough Snow-Clearing Equipment E.P. Caldwell 405,300 and 454,109
Lubricators Lubricator for snow-clearing equipment (Caldwell Cyclone Snow Plough) George Warrington 423,580
Timing Devices for Hydrocarbon Engines Automotive George Warrington and Chester H. Warrington 1,418,996
Mandrel for Driving Pile Shells Vulcan Expanding Mandrel Clemens Hoppe 2,977,990
Water Hammer Pile Driving With Condensable Vapor Reset Water Hammer Serge S. Wisotsky 3,800,548
Muffler for Pile Driving Apparatus Decelflo Muffler Stannard M. Potter 3,981,378
Underwater Hammer with Circumferential Flow Seal Bolt Associates/Raymond International Underwater “Air Gun” Hammer George Gendron and Nelson Holland 4,098,355
Method of Driving Piles Underwater “Thin” Underwater Hammer Concept George Gendron and Lindsey Phares 4,138,199
Piling Hammer Sermec Hydraulic Hammer Brian Hays and Clive Taylor 4,802,538

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