Vulcan Iron Works: The First Century

VIW-PMSVery few companies can claim even a century-long existence. Not counting the Cari years, Vulcan Iron Works endured for 144 years from its founding by Henry Warrington until 1996. The portion of focuses on the first hundred years “and then some:” the years the company was located in Chicago, 1852-1960.

During this time, the company went from being a general purpose foundry to the greatest manufacturer of pile driving equipment in the world, this in an era when driven piles reigned supreme in deep foundations.

Come with us as we explore the following:

We also have an entire section which details the company’s greatest adventure after this era, namely Vulcan: The Offshore Experience.

About our Sources

The information in this section goes back more than a century and a half, and has been rescued from the various “downsizings” that Vulcan Iron Works and Vulcan Foundation Equipment have experienced. These sources include the photo library of Vulcan Iron Works, literature, and files from the company’s records. The largest rescues took place in 1999 when Vulcan Iron Works (Cari) sold the 2909 Riverside Drive Chattanooga facility and in 2004 when Vulcan Foundation Equipment relocated the 2501 Riverside Drive warehouse and office. Some of the information was also found in the Warrington family archives as well.


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