Offshore Technology Conference

“Our feet are tired, our stomachs upset; our desks are ladened with work abandoned…our personal lives are in shambles, and, at the bottom line, our billfolds are empty.” (Petroleum News Southeast Asia editorial on attending trade shows, February 1986)

The official OTC logo.

One of the industry events that Vulcan participated in over the years was the Offshore Technology Conference, usually held the first full week in May at the Astrocomplex in Houston, Texas. In a real sense OTC is more than a trade show; it’s a cultural event for the oilfield, which has survived boom and bust cycles since oil was first discovered. Vulcan’s participation — which nearly dates to the beginning of the conference in 1969 — mirrors that and shows Vulcan as a real participant in both the best and worst of times in the oil industry.

A video of the 1999 OTC.  Starting in 2016 OTC copyrights every video taken in the conference, including videos like this one, so this is a glimpse that may not be available in the future.

Other notes:

  1. OTC exhibitors knew that Freeman Decorating was the official decoration company for the Conference. At the 2008 General Assembly of the Church of God, where the church department I worked for was exhibiting, I asked the Freeman people there whether they still worked OTC. Not only do they still work it, but one of the Freeman employees at the Assembly used to set up Vulcan’s booth in the Astrodome during the 1970’s and 1980’s!
  2. IHC’s acquisition of the product line in 2001 as Vulcan Foundation Equipment incorporated its presence into IHC’s own booth, which is part of the Dutch exhibit at OTC. This was discontinued as IHC divested itself of the product line in 2008.



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