OTC 5395 Revisited: Analysis of Cushioned Pile Hammers

This is a new paper to update and expand on part of the first technical paper presented by a Vulcan employee: the paper “A Proposal for a Simplified Model for the Determination of Dynamic Loads and Stresses During Pile Driving,” originally presented at the 1987 Offshore Technology Conference.  The abstract is here:

Warrington (1987) was a detailed analysis of the mechanics of impact pile driving using semi-infinite pile theory and pile impedance concepts. In this paper a review and expansion of the basic concepts set forth in this paper is performed. First, a review of the basic concepts and equations set forth in the original is first performed with revised notation. From here a different numerical method is used to analyze the equations and a parametric study of the results is performed, giving an illustration of the resulting trends. Finally three test cases, one of which came from the original paper, are done to compare the results of the present model to specific situations.

Download OTC 5395 Revisited: Analysis of Cushioned Pile Hammers

You can also visit Researchgate and download it there.


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