Vulcan’s Special Products Division: the West Palm Beach Fabricating Facility

The West Palm Beach fabricating facility was opened in 1967; it was about two blocks from the office. (Communications between the two could be interesting, as described here.) As was the case with the office, it was built by Wiggs and Maale Construction. (Click here for a vignette of the plant’s opening and one of its non-offshore products.)

Its original purpose was to provide a manufacturing facility for Vulcan’s efforts at diversification, specifically the Stone Drilling Machine Division, which made water well drills. The results of that direction were some of the most interesting products Vulcan ever produced, including the Construction Assistance Vehicle, one of the “coolest” things Vulcan ever made.  (Another interesting product, shown in the photos, was the light trailer, which resulted in gun play at the Chattanooga facility.)

However, as the Chattanooga facility lacked fabrication capabilities until the early 1990’s, it took up leader fabrication, both onshore and offshore. As was the case with many of Vulcan’s attempts to broaden its product line, the demands of the immediate swallowed up the aspirations of the long term. The offshore leaders became its chief output; its proximity to the Port of Palm Beach made it an excellent place to ship leads from, especially overseas.


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