A Gathering for Energy Savings

Above is an unusual photo from Vulcan’s archives: a gathering for a test for the Vulcanaire Supertherm at the yard of Horn Pile and Foundation Corp. in Bellmore, Long Island, NY, 16 November 1964.  It’s the rare gathering in the construction (or just about any other) industry where everyone arrives in suits, but here they were.

The purpose of the Supertherm was to use the exhaust gas from the compressor’s diesel engine to heat the compressed air, thus increasing the effective capacity of the air compressor and improving the efficiency of the system.  The compressors in the background powered a Super-Vulcan hammer for the demonstration.

The Supertherm was the brainchild of the company’s principal, Moses Hornstein (1907-1979.)  In addition to being a successful foundation contractor, he was a generous benefactor to Jewish charities and educational institutions including Touro College, Merrick Jewish Centre, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, The Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, Bar‐Ilan University, American Friends of Tel Aviv University, Jewish Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University and the Ben‐Gurion University of the Negev.  In his last years he lived in Broward County, FL, just down the road from Vulcan’s Florida office and plant (where the Supertherm was manufactured) and passed away in Tel-Aviv while engaged by the Government of Israel.


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