Field Service Manual for Soviet B402/V402 Vibratory Hammer

In 1988 Vulcan personnel visited what was then Leningrad to view the operation of a Soviet variable-eccentric moment vibratory hammer. The account of that is here. This is the field service manual for the hammer.

A closeup of the exciter and suspension, clamped to the pile. As is common in Europe, the sheets are picked up by the hammer, stabbed and driven, as opposed to using a template.

The hammer’s construction is interesting for a number of reasons:

  • It did feature variable eccentric moment, which was done using weight shifting techniques when the hammer is stopped.
  • It was an electric machine, which was common in the USSR at the time and elsewhere (especially Japan.)
  • It had a true hydraulic clamp with a pump mounted in the suspension along with the electric motor, which transmitted energy to the hammer via a chain drive. The clamp may look primitive but it was an advance over the lever-type clamps (Foster was still using one at the time) and the mechanical clamps which were common in Soviet equipment.

The machine had eccentric moments ranging from 0 (yes, that’s possible with the variable moment) to 12 kg-m and a maximum dynamic force of 270 kN. That puts it between a Vulcan 400A and an 1150A. The manual also has a description of the “European” pick up and drive method for installing sheeting, which is also discussed here.

Download B402 Vibratory Hammer Field Service Manual

Watching socialist progress. Peeking out from behind the building at the right is the switch box, which connects the hammer with the “street power.”

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