Colonnades Beach Hotel

One of the pleasures of having an office in West Palm Beach was the ability to take in the pleasures of a resort area like South Florida. One of those more pleasurable places was the Colonnades Beach Hotel on Singer Island; the photo above of the entrance dates from October 1966. I’m not sure how this photo got into the Vulcan archive but I’m glad it did.

The hotel was built in the early 1960’s by John MacArthur, the well-known and colourful developer whose wealth is better known today by the John D. and Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation, still a major holder of Palm Beach County real estate. It hosted many celebrities from Jackie Gleason to Janis Joplin, in addition to the Vulcan employees. It was torn down in 1990.


2 thoughts on “Colonnades Beach Hotel

  1. My family and I stayed here three times and we loved the place. Remember Chinese artifacts as you came in. Wish it was still there. Wouls sit up and watch ships come in and out.

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  2. In the 1970s we stayed there often, and also at the Key Colony and the Riviera that were over by the pump, and later at the Commander Motel, and the Sheraton right next door. The Colonnades was only two buildings over. The Colonnades had a sauna, and a high dive platform to the pool. Great place, great times.


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