Leaving the Derrick Barge Behind

Above is a photo of one of Ingram Construction’s barges in the wake (literally) of the crew boat carrying Vulcan’s representative (probably Jess Perry) away after a field service trip. Vulcan developed its field service capabilities mostly in response to its customers in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere, and that frequently entailed long field service trips. Doing the job was good but getting done and going home was a welcome relief.

One thing that Vulcan’s field service representatives became proficient at was knowing how to get off of a derrick barge when things went on too long or “went south.” Jess was an expert in this; during our trip to China in 1981, he had Amtech’s representative Ian Stones in stitches regaling him with all the ways he knew to get off of a derrick barge.

I wonder if, after coming off this derrick barge, Jess threw his wallet on the table…


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