Vulcan 5100: Specifications and Information

With the success of the 560 the 5′ stroke concept was taken upward with the 5100, an extension of the 3100.  In addition to the longer stroke, it was Vulcan’s first hammers with 120″ jaws, to accommodate 96″ piling.  The first 5100 was sold to Brown & Root (Western Hemisphere Marine, to be formal about it) in 1977 and, like the 3100, was assembled in the customer’s yard, in this case at Green’s Bayou in Houston.

Specifications are here:

General arrangement is here:

The 5100 saw active service in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.

The biggest problem Vulcan had with the 5100 was its sheer size.  The territory into which Vulcan was venturing was stretching its own capabilities along with those of the U.S. foundry industry.  Nevertheless, once these problems were resolved, the 5100 did well in service.


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