Vulcan 5150, Now With a Revised Design

This site, as it says in the masthead, is to chronicle “Vulcan Iron Works Inc. and the pile hammers it made.”  Every now and then, we feature new things about this old product line from Vulcan Foundation Equipment, which currently supports the line with new and used hammers, service and parts.

The Vulcan 5150, first manufactured in the late 1970’s, has something of a new “lease on life” in the installation of offshore piling for conventional platforms.  In response to this VFE has commissioned a revised design of this hammer.  The primary motivation is the change in the available suppliers.  Vulcan Iron Works used a steel foundry for all of the major castings; the new configuration uses cast iron for the cylinder and ram, more in line with classic Vulcan hammers such as the 560, 5100 and 5110.  In the process many other improvements have been made in the design while at the same time preserving as much parts interchangeability as is possible.

Specifications and a general configuration are above.  You can obtain more information on this from Vulcan Foundation Equipment.


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