Vulcan 5150: Specifications and Information

Progressing from the 5100, the six (6) 5150’s produced were made in 1978-9 and delivered to four customers: McDermott, Brown & Root, Raymond and Santa Fe.  Their main purpose was to drive piles for the “mudslide” platforms at the mouth of the Mississippi River, which were suffering failures due to scour loads.

Specifications for the hammer are below.

The general arrangements are below.  The hammer was produced in two (2) versions: a 120″ jaw version for 96″ diameter pile, and a 144″ jaw version for 120″ pile.

Like the 040 and 060 hammers, the hammers had growing pains, in part due to their sheer size and in part to some changes Vulcan made to the basic design that didn’t work out.  Vulcan stood behind its products and remedied the faults.  The hammers successfully drove many piles in the Gulf of Mexico in the years immediately after they were produced.

Forty years later, these hammers are still active; below are some photos of the 5150’s which are still working.  Photos courtesy of Pile Hammer Equipment, which has produced an update to this workhorse.


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