Vulcan #3 Hammer: Specifications and Information

The #3 was one of the early (pre-1900) Warrington-Vulcan hammers, along with the #2 and #1.  A general arrangement is shown above; specifications are below.

Specifications Bulletin 68
Specifications, Vulcan Bulletin 68

The #3 found itself involved in some important projects, including the construction of the original Panama Canal, as evidenced by the memo below.

A memo/drawing of modifications to two (2) #3 hammers for the Panama Canal project. Vulcan was frequently loathe to make modifications to their hammers, but they did so in this case.

The #3 fell out of favour to the larger #2 and #1 hammers (the #2 eventually suffered the same fate) but in 2008 Pile Hammer Equipment brought back the #3 hammer.  They made many changes to the hammer, including increasing the ram weight to 2,100 lbs. (a little more than the Panama Canal hammers,) increasing the stroke to 3′, adding cables and other features.  The PHE/Vulcan #3 is the newest Warrington-Vulcan hammer, and also one where a Warrington was involved in the design.  You can see a general arrangement of the hammer (with specifications) below; more information and availability can be found by contacting Pile Hammer Equipment.



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