Vulcan #0 Hammer: Specifications and Information

First produced in 1912, the #0 hammer, although not the first Warrington-Vulcan hammer, is probably, in its own way, the most pervasive in its influence on the development of Vulcan’s–and other–product line.

The main Chicago general arrangement is above: others are below:


Both the design, frame and accessory configuration of the #0 hammer were an upsize from the #1 series, and the configuration was widely applied to other hammers, such as:

  • The other Vulcan 3.25′ stroke “#0” type hammers, including the 0R, 08, 010 and 012.
  • The 5′ stroke hammers such as the 508, 510 and 512.
  • The Raymond “0” series, including the 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 8/0.  Raymond made many detail changes to the design, not the least of which was a larger cylinder.  It was many years before Vulcan produced a single-acting hammer larger than the #0, and when it did it modelled them after the Super-Vulcan hammers, which made them heavier.
  • The Conmaco hammers such as the 80, 100, 125, and 125E5.

Specifications are below.

Specifications Bulletin 68
Specifications, Vulcan Bulletin 68

In the 1950’s the #0 was superseded by the 08, as specifications required a heavier ram.  The 08 became the smallest of this venerable series of hammers.

Other information:



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