The Information Vulcan Requested for Driving Accessory Purchases

Below is a sheet showing the recommendations Vulcan made to its distributors in gathering information for driving accessories.

Sales Aid Information Sheet Driving Accessories

Driving accessory orders were (and are) generally custom orders; knowing this type of information made it easier for Vulcan and its distributors to fulfil their customers’ requirements.  This sheet dates from the mid-1960’s, after the executive office moved to West Palm Beach, FL.

A pedestal driving head, on the floor at the Chattanooga Facility.

Note: in this era pedestal driving heads (right) were a popular item.  Casting difficulties, however, made them increasingly difficult to manufacture, and by the early 1980’s Vulcan was out of the business of pedestal driving heads.  The replacement for these is two pieces, one to mate to the hammer and one to the cap, between them a piece of (usually) pipe.




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