Christmas Music at the Australian Avenue Office (Maybe)

When Vulcan opened it’s Australian Avenue office in West Palm Beach in 1966, it wasn’t long after that Vulcan acquired one of those continuous loop background music tape players (as depicted below) that graced many offices, department stores and malls of the era.

Background “easy listening” music was pretty much a fixture at the office for most of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  We had several background music tapes.  I don’t know if my father invested in a Christmas tape but if he had it would have sounded like this, and at this time of year we present this for your listening pleasure.


The downside of this tape system is that, even with the long-playing tapes, the limited tape stock insured that the same songs would get played over and over again.  Vulcan attempted to beat this rap in the early 1970’s by feeding the office with WDEF radio, which at the time had an “easy listening” format.  My father loved this; it also dispensed with having to load the tape machine.  The problem is that their format was repetitious too; after two summers of working there, and my father playing it elsewhere, I just about had their playlist memorized.

I don’t specifically remember if they had a Christmas mix, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t.  It probably sounded like this too.


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