TAMWAVE 6: Results of Wave Equation Analysis


With the data entered for the wave equation analysis, we can now see the results.  There’s a lot of tabular data here but you need to read the notes between it to understand what the program is putting out.  If you are not familiar at all with the wave equation for piles, you need to review this as well.

General Output for Wave Equation Analysis
Time Step, msec0.04024
Pile Weight, lbs.15,000
Pile Stiffness, lb/ft600,000
Pile Impedance, lb-sec/ft57,937.5
L/c, msec8.04688
Pile Toe Element Number102
Length of Pile Segments, ft.1
Hammer Manufacturer and SizeVULCAN O16
Hammer Rated Striking Energy, ft-lbs48750
Hammer Efficiency, percent67
Length of Hammer Cushion Stack, in.16.5
Soil Resistance to Driving (SRD) for detailed results only, kips572.7
Percent at Toe35.39
Toe Quake, in.0.220
Toe Damping, sec/ft0.07

For those familiar with the…

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