TAMWAVE 3: Basic Results of Pile Capacity Analysis


With the soil properties and lateral loads finalised, we can proceed to look at the program’s static results.  These are shown below.  We will concentrate on cohesionless soils in this post; a sample case with cohesive results will come later.

Pile Data
Pile Designation12 In. Square
Pile MaterialConcrete
Penetration of Pile into the Soil, ft.100
Basic “diameter” or size of the pile, ft.1
Cross-sectional Area of the Pile, ft21.000
Pile Toe Area, ft21.000
Perimeter of the Pile, ft.4.000
Soil Data
Type of SoilSW
Specific Gravity of Solids2.65
Void Ratio0.51
Dry Unit Weight, pcf109.5
Saturated Unit Weight, pcf130.5
Soil Internal Friction Angle phi, degrees32
Cohesion c, psf
SPT N60, blows/foot20
CPT qc, psf211,600
Distance of Water Table from Soil Surface, ft.50
Penetration of Pile into Water Table, ft.50

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