We’ve Moved At Last, But Took the Online Pile Routines Somewhere Else

After a summer of eclipses and hurricanes, we’re pleased to announce that vulcanhammer.info has finally moved to its new platform as of yesterday.  Click here and check out what we have to offer.  Most of the content has gone with the site; we’ve added many photographs and used the transition to correct many of the errors that have crept in during the ten years the site has been in existence.  (For regular visitors, thanks for your support over the years.)

Moving to WordPress gives us three key advances:

  1. Better integration with social media.
  2. Secure browsing.
  3. The ability for you to leave comments and questions for us.

One set of routines that didn’t come with it are our TAMWAVE wave equation analyser, along with our other active pages (such as the fixed end sheeting analyser and Mohr’s Circle triaxial calculator.)  WordPress doesn’t allow active content like that on their site; however, it’s still available at our auxiliary page.  You can click here to visit these.  Lord willing we’ll be adding and updating these, which have been very useful teaching tools.

Thanks again for your support.


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