Vulcan Onshore Tip #58: Nylon Slide Bars

All Vulcan Air Steam Hammers currently sold have as standard slide bars made from a tough nylon to resist the whipping that a slide bar goes through in hammer cycling. In order to insure your nylon slide bar the longest possible life, we recommend the following procedures when using nylon slide bars:

  1. When using a nylon slide bar or installing one in an old hammer for the first time, make sure the trip is not excessively worn or has a large number of burrs on it. If either is the case, replace the trip.
  2. Make sure the hammer is sufficiently oiled through the air line. Although this is always important in hammer operation, it is especially so with nylon slide bars, since inadequate lubrication will cause the valve to drag and the trip feet to dig into the slide bar, thus ruining it.
  3. Unlubricated nylon slide bars will frequently squeal. To prevent this coat the slide bar with NLGI EP2 grease. This is also a good idea on the back and sides of the slide bar for lubrication of the dovetail.

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