Vulcan Onshore Tip #22: Replacing Slide Bar Babbitt

  1. Remove Ram Pipe Plug.
  2. Remove old Babbitt by melting with torch.
  3. Position Slide Bar “A” and Slide Bar End Block “B” with respect to Ram boss area. (See Tip No. 2)
  4. Pour molten Babbitt into cavity at “C” until the Babbitt is 3/4″ from the outer surface
    of the Ram.
  5. Reinstall Ram Pipe Plug after Babbitt has solidified.

Caution: Use only medium hard Babbitt metal equivalent to Glyco B. DO NOT USE LEAD.

Note: Many compositions of Babbitt contain lead. Be sure to follow all applicable safety and environmental regulations when using babbitt. At one point, Tennessee OSHA required Vulcan to conduct airborne lead tests in the assembly area where babbitt was used. Lead levels detected were below applicable standards. Your results may vary.


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