Vulcan Offshore Tip #4: Removing Broken Ram Point

When Ram Point failures occur. it is generally true that they break through he neck of the point at or near the bottom surface of the Ram. It is most usually almost impossible to press out the broken neck portion of the point from the Ram. The proper and easiest method of removal is as follows:

  • If the Ram Point is pinned, it is necessary to drill out the Pins prior to proceeding. See Tip No.23.
  • After Pins (if present) are removed, drill a series of holes (see above) in a cross configuration through the Ram Point neck portion. Do not place these holes closer than 1/4″ to the Base into which the Ram Point is fitted. With a torch, burn the metal from between the series of holes drilled. This will relieve the radial pressure on the Ram Point. After this is done, press out the remaining portion of the Ram Point.

Depending on bore condition it may be necessary to hone or re-bore the Ram. This should be done before inserting new Ram Point.

Note: more current details on ram point removal can be found at

The information contained in Vulcan Onshore Tip 23 came from the information sheet shown below, dated 1973. Vulcan discontinued its recommendation to pin the ram points into place in 1978.


Ram point insertion is a very delicate operation, and should only be performed by very experienced personnel. This is especially true of shrink fitting the point; below is a slide show depicting this operation with both freezing the point and heating the ram.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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