Sheet Pile Templates

Before the advent of CAD, Vulcan used outline, full scale drawings or actual sheeting sections to lay out sheet pile caps in full size.

The drawing board(s) in Chattanooga. On the wall are sheet pile sections, cut from actual sheet piling and used to lay out sheet pile caps. In front of the sheet piling are two draughtsmen who started at Vulcan in the early 1970’s. On the left is Michael Steven Alexander, who worked for Vulcan until he left during the downturn in the first part of the 1980’s. On the right is William C. Harrison, who went off the board to become Vulcan’s Field Service Representative in 1981.

When not using actual sections, full size sheet pile templates (Vulcan spelled them “templets”) were used, and are shown below. These date from 1969.

For more information on these sections, visit our main page for Vulcan and Sheet Piling to refer you to the information on this site.

With the advent of CAD and readily available CAD representations of sheeting, these became obsolete. Sheet pile manufacturers, however, did give out templates with scaled outlines of their sheeting for use in design of walls, but these were too small for Vulcan’s purpose.


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