Vulcan #4 Hammer: Specifications and Information

The #4, another one of the early Warrington-Vulcan hammers, was the smallest one designed and produced.  It was referred to as the “Fish Stake” hammer, because, as Vulcan’s literature explained, it was “used for driving fish stakes for pond nets along the shore and in connection with sheeting cap, for small wooden sheeting.”

Specifications for this hammer are below.

Specifications Bulletin 68
Specifications, Vulcan Bulletin 68

It’s interesting to note that the #4 only had upper rubber bumpers; there were no rubber bumpers on the base.  This arrangement was eventually incorporated into the very late Warrington-Vulcan hammers, especially the 5′ stroke hammers like the 506 and 512, in order to strengthen the base.

As was the case before valve liners, the shifting of the cylinder cores necessitated valve settings for each hammer.  This was also true of the #4; an example of this for a contractor in Walkerville, Ontario is shown below.  Walkerville was built as a “model town” around the Canadian Club whisky distillery.  Given the propensity of the owning family for whisky, some return on the investment was appropriate.

#4 sn986 slide bar variations

“C.V.A.” is Campbell V. Adams, Vulcan’s engineer for many years and the designer of the Super-Vulcan hammers.


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