Vulcan Onshore Tips: Introduction and Index

Not widely appreciated when they were first issued in 1973, the Vulcan Tips are in a sense “made for the internet” in their format.  They were issued in print until the late 1990’s.  They went beyond the Vulcan Data Manual–and at the time the Field Service Manual–in providing practical suggestions for proper operation of Vulcan hammers.

There were two sets of Tips, onshore and offshore, corresponding with the two markets Vulcan sold and serviced its products into. The Vulcan Offshore Tips have been on this site and its predecessors since 1998. In the case where the specific onshore tip has an offshore counterpart, we’ve linked to the offshore tip. In cases where we’ve covered the same information in other ways, we’ve linked to that too.

Many tips refer to factory parts and service. Obviously these are no longer available, but there are sources for most of what is contained in these tips.

As is the case with the offshore tips, we’ve added commentary where appropriate. We also strongly recommend that you acquire the Guide to Pile Driving Equipment for more information and several field service manuals for Vulcan hammers. Some of the tips are covered in that volume and are linked appropriately.

Vulcan Onshore Tip Number Subject Corresponding Offshore Tip, Comments or Other References
001 Head Gasket/Single Acting Hammer 001
002 Checking Slide Bar
003 Valve Flutter See also Tip 63.
004 Reduced Hammer Energy Guide to Pile Driving Equipment
005 Lubrication 023
006 Keeping Ram Keys Tight
007 11 Rules for Pile Driving
008 Ram Keys Too Tight 002
009 Blow Count/Energy
010 Tightening the Packing Gland 003
011 Storage
012 Trouble Shooting 013
013 Adaptation of McDermid Base
014 Vulcan Extractors
015 Base Column Keys
016 Piping Do’s and Don’ts See also Tip 64.
017 Exhaust Mufflers Decelflo Pile Hammer Muffler, and the Thruflo Geothermal Muffler
018 Ram Key Adjustment For Vulcan Hammer Series #2, #1 and #0 only.
019 Valve Liner
020 Extractor Bumper Conversion
021 Slide Bar Shim
022 Replacing Slide Bar Babbitt
023 Inserting New Ram Point in Ram Guide to Pile Driving Equipment
024 Removing Broken Ram Point 004
025 Side Channel Modification
026 Column Removal
027 Bushing Replacement 014
028 Installation of Blind Piston Rings
029 Equipment Handling Replaced by Tip 62.
030 Stripped Thread Repairs 005
031 Broken Stud Removal 006
032 Column Salvage Guide to Pile Driving Equipment (for column dimensions)
033 Base/Cylinder Column Hole Repair Tip no longer available, due to involved nature of repair.
034 Steam Chest Valve Liners 007
035 Serial Numbers 016
036 Dovetail Repair 018
037 Vari-Cycle Hammers 008
038 Compressed Air Velocity Fuse 009
039 Winter Operation
040 Outboard Bracket Shims 010
041 Valve Flutter
042 Assembly Procedures 011
043 Stud Installation 012
044 Product Bulletin 017
045 Extractor Lubrication See Tip 14 for extractor lubrication recommendations
046 Single Acting Hammer Lubrication Guide to Pile Driving Equipment
047 Super Vulcan Hammer Lubrication
048 DGH 100 Hammer Lubrication
049 DGH 900 Hammer Lubrication
050 Piston & Rod Installation 015
051 Sheet Pile Designations
052 Keys to Cables Factory Advertisement for conversion from keyed hammers to cables; not available online. Click here for information on cable hammers.
053 Serial Numbers 016
054 Product Bulletin 017
055 Steam Chest Valve Liners 007
056 Vari-Cycle Hammers 008
057 Serial Numbers 016
058 Nylon Slide Bars
059 Cushion Pot Dimensions 020
060 Hammer Warranty and Safety
061 Stub Channel Modification
062 Equipment Handling
063 Icing Conditions
064 Proper Hose Connection
065 Sheave Assembly Care
066 Reduced Hammer Energy Guide to Pile Driving Equipment
067 Lubrication 023
068 Hammer Blow Rate
069 Micarta and Aluminum Cushion Material
070 Hydraulic Cylinder Type Packing Upgrade (1 & 0)
071 Serial Numbers (Letter Codes) 016
072 Vari-Cycle II (506 & 512)

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